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Sometimes even the best laid plans do not go as expected.  I came to take pictures of little Nate with lots of ideas in my head, but this little guy would not sleep.  I tried all of my best tricks, and nothing would make him get into that deep sleep I usually need to get the poses I like to use.  Although little Nate was a challenging little guy, it was great to be forced into thinking of some different poses to use.  W e did get a few pockets of sleep, and I was also able to get some shots off while he was blinking, so it looked like he was asleep :)

a wide awake newborn

Evie was just a couple of weeks away from turning two when I took pictures of her.  She is a sweet little girl, full of smiles and cute little looks.  We played, danced, and sang songs and were able to get a great set of photos. 

I love this age… they have such great personalities that really come out when you take their pictures.  Sometimes you will get serious looks, sometimes a lot of laughs, smiles, or giggles, and sometimes you will get the full range of emotions.

studio pictures of toddler

studio closeups of toddlers

I have been so behind with my blog posting, but I hope to get back into the swing of things (at least until our little guy is born… he is due in just a few short weeks)!  I took these photos of the Hoganson family back in November to say goodbye before they left for New Jersey.  Brad, Traci, Shea, and Camden will always have a special place in my heart and I will miss them greatly :)

Brad was my youth pastor, Bible Study leader, and played a variety of roles while I was growing up.  He later became our associate pastor, and then our full pastor.  Brad married my husband and I and baptised our daughter Mattea.

Traci was my youth leader, a good friend, worked on the women’s ministry board with me, participated in many Bible Studies with me, and was just a great person to talk to.

I remember when both Shea and Camden were born, and have watched them grow up into great kids.

I hope they know how much I (and so many people here in Washington) miss them, but we are so glad to see them move on to something they believe the Lord is calling them to do.

Bothell Country Village Family Pictures