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A Family Studio Photo

December 31, 2011

This year, I had the opportunity to take the family portraits for our church’s photo directory.  It was a lot of fun to show the families that studio photography does not have to be sit, put your feet on the x, hands here, and smile.  I brought my new green couch and used more organic posing to give a more modern studio look to the photos.

Here is our photo for the directory.

modern studio family portrait

This summer, I recieved an email from a couple who had found me on the internet.  They had been married the previous fall and were not happy with the wedding photos they had gotten.  They were so unhappy with those photos, they did not print any of them.  So this summer, they decided to get dresssed up again and have bride and groom shots taken, so they would at least have some photos they were happy with to remind them of their special day.

We had so much fun walking around downtown Snohomish and using some great walls and locations.  Corinne and Tommy are a great couple, and I am glad they were able to get some photos to give them happy memories of their wedding day.

fun wedding couple in nature

snohomish wedding couple


My daughter Mattea, turned two and a half right before her brother was born.  We moved about six weeks after Wyatt was born, so getting photos of Mattea didn’t happen until after the move.  One summer day, we were able to spend some time in our new back yard taking some photos.  We then moved into the house to the studio set up to get a few more fun and artistic photos.  It is amazing how quickly she is growing up.

Toddler Girl Playing

These photos are ones I had been wanting to get for awhile. I had seen some beautiful photos that another photographer had taken with an older girl and a scarf wrapped around her head. I wanted to see what I could come up with using one of my scarves and Mattea. I wanted to use more dramatic lighting, and I am really happy with what we got.

Artisitic Toddler Girl with Scarf