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One day at the end of fall, I met the Trudel family for their family portriats. We met at a new location for me, and while it involved a lot of walking (which was actually great for all of us), it has also become one of my new favorite locations for outdoor photo sessions.  The mountains in the background are what sold me on the location, and what will keep me coming back to see what it is like in different seasons.

The Trudel family is a lot of fun, and they love to joke around and just be themselves.  The oldest boy, Jack, is also really into photography.  I love talking to young people who are already really passionate about photography!

This family’s story is one that I also feel that I need to share, to remind people the importance of getting a family photo taken, as well as the importance for women to take care of themselves and know the toll stress and high cholesterol can take on a body. Becky, the mom, recently had a heart attack.  Luckily, she is doing fine, and just needs to make some lifestyle changes, but boy, what a scary time for the family and a good reminder that you never know what is going to happen.  Take the opportunity to get some family photos, make memories with your family, and think about what is truly important in life.

Spencer Island Family Photos

This year, after being on maternity leave and moving, we decided that we would do our own family portraits.  I had a vision of what I wanted, and as usual, based our clothing on Mattea’s outfit :)   Mattea is wearing clothing from one of my favorite stores, Naartje, and then we chose complimentary colors and I pulled in the pink with my scarf.  For this session, I wanted a more urban setting, so we drove to downtown Everett and found a neat alley to shoot in.

Our family photos, taken with a tripod and a remote:

urban family photos in Everett

My adorable three year old, Mattea:

urban child photography in Everett

Little Wyatt, at six months old:

urban baby photos in Everett

I recently had the opportunity to photograph an incredibly adorable almost six month old little boy named Rodi.  He was so chubby and cute, which is a huge change from my little skinny babies :)   This little guy even needed my toddler size hats!  He was just learning to sit, so we had some fun trying to get the sitting photos , then we got some adorable ones with him laying on his back.  He was just a generally happy guy, and I truly enjoyed capturing his little personality.

chubby six month old

adorable six month old