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With every ordering session, there is a decision to be made about what size prints to order.  This can get tricky if there is not a discussion about how an image may be cropped.  Many typical portrait sizes crop off a portion of the image, and if a client does not know this ahead of time, they may be disappointed with the result. One example is an 8×10; many do not realize that a large portion of an image will be cropped out at this size. Below is a great visual of a photo crop comparison chart. This guide is a great reference to show how photos will look at different crops.

Standard photographic sizes do not all follow the same height/width ratio. The camera takes a photo that, when uncropped, will reproduce to a 2” x 3” ratio (4×6, 6×9, 8×12, 12×18, 16×24, 20×30). The industry standard is to offer 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, 16×20, size frames. Since these sizes are not in the same ratio, the same photo will appear slightly different when printed at different sizes.

When I edit client images I make the decision of what stays and what is cropped out based on composition and what compliments your image best artistically. Great care is taken in cropping each image to maintain its integrity. Many images will work with most crops but some images will not.

So when you are printing your own photos or ordering greeting cards this year, this is something to keep in mind so you know what sizes to print your images!

image cropping and print sizes


That’s right… class of 2013! The amazing girl was on the ball and contacted me awhile ago about her senior portraits.  I invited her to be one of my senior models so she could promote my photography, and we were able to get her first session in this Spring.  Emily is fun girl, with a variety of interests.  She plays the electric guitar and bass guitar, but she is also really in to writing and drawing.  After talking about what types of photos she was looking for, we decided to head up to the Northern State Recreation Area, which may be my new favorite location.  Abandoned buildings, a gorgeous field, mountains in the background… who wouldn’t want to have their pictures taken there!

senior girl laying down in fieldsenior girl in fieldsenior girl with guitarsenior girl headshots

Recently, I had the opportunity to take part in an amazing project, the Stories of Autism.  This project pairs a photographer with a family with an autistic member, and provides a way to heighten autism awareness through the exhibition of the portraits and stories of children and adults on the autism spectrum.

The family I met with has a beautiful eleven year old daughter, Sydney, who is on the autism spectrum.  She is a happy, energetic, lovable girl who I really enjoyed getting to spend time with.  We chose to do her pictures at the beach by their house, as this is one of Sydney’s happy places, a place she feels at peace and at home.

I want to share a portion of what Sydney’s mom wrote about this amazing little girl:

“She has taught us to slow down and enjoy the moment. It is fine to plan and look to the future, but not at the expense of today.  Look for the joy and find the positive in every situation. Always tell each other “I love you”. And hugs always feel good….even if it is multiple times per minute! And that we can get through anything when we work together.

Sydney is our ‘silly heart.’ She has a smile and a laugh that are truly infectious. She loves with all of her heart and harbors no ill-will. She does not know what it means to be manipulative or cruel or even how to tell a lie. While she is often self-serving, she is not selfish. She is never shy to ask for a hug and is free with her “I love you’s.”  She is never bored and does not crave material goods, preferring to share. She craves the love of her family and finds such joy and humor in the oddest places. I can only imagine how different our world would be if everyone acted this way.  What a wonderful world it would be….”

stories of autism portraitbeautiful autistic girl