August 28, 2009

Finally!  I am sitting down to write a bio section for my website and blog that actually tells you who I am, not just what I thought people should know about how I started photography.  That stuff is important, but does not tell you enough about me.  What should I share?  What do people want to know?  This is why it has taken me so long to change my bio… I do not really know what people will want to know, but I do know what I am going to write will be much better than what I currently have. 

My photography journey is an important part of who I am; it is not all of me, but is a great place to start.  I have loved photography since I was a teenager.  My Dad let me use his Canon AE-1 (yes, not only a 35mm film camera, but a completely manual camera… no automatic anything) to experiment with and I fell in love.  My photography interests have changed over the years, including everything from landscape, to sports, to macro, to portraits, but the fun and excitement has always been there. Not too long ago, I decided to venture into business, something I had thought about for awhile, and I haven’t looked back.

What else is important?  What else gives you insight into who I am? 

Well, I am a mother to a beautiful, spunky little girl who was born in October of 2008. 

We have a little boy coming in April of 2011. 

I love coffee and enjoy my morning latte or mocha.

I enjoy a glass of wine, either red or white depending on what I am having it with.

I love the water… being near it, in it, or on it.

I am definitely more of a country girl than a city girl… I am tired of the traffic, the crowded neighborhoods, and the smaller yards.

I love the Lord with all my heart.

I am becoming more and more aware of what our family is doing to help protect our earth, as well as our own health.  So many products out there are not healthy for either the earth, or ourselves.  I want to be even more aware about choices we are making in our products, lifestyle, etc.

I enjoy sewing, but not mending.  I love projects (making clothing, cloth diapers, household items, and toys), but I almost never hem my pants and have to use safety pins to hold up my hems.

I have been on a mission trip to Mexico, and both mine and my husband’s goal is to eventually be able to go on at least one mission trip a year.  They really are life changing experiences. 

There is so much more to who I am, but this is a start.  I would love to meet you and get to know you and your family.  Send me a message or give me a call and we can set up a time to meet and talk about what you would want in a photography session.