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I recently had the opportunity to photograph an incredibly adorable almost six month old little boy named Rodi.  He was so chubby and cute, which is a huge change from my little skinny babies :)   This little guy even needed my toddler size hats!  He was just learning to sit, so we had some fun trying to get the sitting photos , then we got some adorable ones with him laying on his back.  He was just a generally happy guy, and I truly enjoyed capturing his little personality.

chubby six month old

adorable six month old


My little guy at three months

December 30, 2011

Wow, does time fly.  I cannot believe how quickly my little guy is growing.  He is eight months old now, but since I am so far behind, I have to share his three month photos still :)   When we took these photos he had so many different expressions on his face.  I love capturing facial expressions during three month photos, as babies have really started to become expressive at this stage.


baby boy sitting in stumpthree month old in blue hatthree month old facial expressions

I have had the opportunity to photograph this little cutie a couple times… check out her newborn photos and the recent family photos.  Elsa was a little stinker this time, not wanting to smile much, but we got some really cute expressions.

baby in diaper facing backward

baby face

baby in cloth diaper

baby with damask background and baby legs