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And the Winner is…

June 1, 2010

After a lot of thinking and checking out the different locations, I have finally decided on a winner!

Congratulations Katy (comment #5)!  The Januik/Novelty Hill Winery in Woodinville looks like an amazing location with a lot of different backgrounds and textures.  I will be contacting you with a certificate to use anytime this year for your complimentary session and accordian book.

Thank you to everyone else for your great location ideas.  I had a really hard time deciding on the winner, but the architecture at the winery jumped out to me as something completely different from the places I have been shooting at.

Thank you to everyone who posted new locations for me.  There are some great ideas there!  They all seem great, so rather than wait until I use them, I will be sending all of you a $50 print credit to use with your next session! 

As for the winner, I need a little bit of time to visit a few of the locations to determine the winner… it is going to be a tough one though :)

Location Contest

April 26, 2010

As everyone knows, I tend to do most of my sessions on location, although I do have the option of setting up my studio in my home, as well as in a client’s home.  I am always on the lookout for new locations, so I thought I would run a contest to find new places to take some great photos.

I am especially looking for locations that include the following:

1. Fields with tall grass or wildflowers

2. Old broken down trucks or cars

3. Great rundown old buildings

4. Any building with a lot of texture on its walls

5. A place to be able to shoot indoors when it is raining that has some great walls, texture, etc.

Leave a comment here on the blog with your location ideas and if I use your location and like it, you will receive a $50 print credit.  At the end of the contest, I will choose my favorite location, and the person who suggested the location will receive a complimentary session and a mini accordian book in addition to the $50 print credit already received for providing me with a location I like.

The contest will be open until May 15th, so get those creative juices flowing.  You can comment as often as you like, so just send them in when you have an idea.