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Dance Anywhere!

June 2, 2010

For awhile now, I have had this idea forming in my head about a personal photography project I wanted to work on.  I had this idea to merge two thins I love… photography and dance.  To most dancers, dance is not just something they do, it is a passion, it is their life.  Dancers will dance anywhere, without caring what others think.  To them, it is just who they are.

I decided to start a project to showcase dancers in everyday places (not in a dance studio) doing what they love.  For this first round, I was able to get together with my cousin Kassie, and two of her friends, Sam and Alyssa.  We headed downtown to the streets of Seattle for an amazing time.  Hope you enjoy!

Seattle Portrait PhotographerSeattle Portrait PhotographerSeattle Portrait PhotographerSeattle Portrait Photographer