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Back in November, I had the opportunity to photograph adorable Ava and her beautiful mommy, Susan. We had some fun in studio with some different backdrops and some glitter, and then we moved on to Jennings Park for a few outdoor shots with their dog, Tara. Ava is a fun little girl who loves to dress up, and Susan is an amazing mom who is passionate about cross fit.

mother and daughter studio portraits

mother and daughter with dog at Jennings Park

Back in July, I had the opportunity to photograph a wonderful family with two adorable boys who love the water.  We decided to meet bright and early in the morning (6:30am!) at Deception Pass to catch that soft, beautiful morning light. I had forgotten how versatile Deception Pass can be. We took advantage of the trees, the long grass, the big rocks, and then the main beach with the bridge in the background.  We even got to see a bunny hopping around. The boys were adorable too, loving to play at the water’s edge and throw rocks in to the Sound.


Family beach portrait at deception pass

family photography at Deception Pass

young boy portrait in green

family portrait in woods

I do not usually do family photography in the studio, but last fall and winter I was able to photograph the families at my church for our new church photo directory.  It had not been update in many years, and it was great to finally get a new directory out.  It was great to set up a mini studio at church and everyone was  able to see that studio photography does not have to be your typical “sit on the stool, put your feet here, look here and “click”" photography that we have come to think of for directories and yearbooks.  Studio photography can have a modern and fun look as well.  Obviously for the directory I kept the look pretty standard, but in a true studio session, there are many options with fun props, backdrops, and furniture.


modern studio family portrait