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I have been meaning to start adding some content giving tips both for photographers and non photographers. Today, I was getting ready to start my Tip Tuesday posts, and I came across a wonderful post on Over-editing Mistakes in Photoshop. A lot of photographers make these mistakes when they are first starting out, or when they are still in the process of learning their editing software. It also is common when a non photographer discovers the different editing platforms out there and thinks different effects look so “cool.”   It is not necessarily that some of these editing ideas are bad, just that using them without thinking, or without knowing what you are doing can be create some crazy looking images.  Has anyone ever seen a photo where the child’s skin looks orange?  That is usually from someone using an action, or processing an image without learning how to properly edit separate pieces of an image. 

So my first tip of the week is to Think Before Editing. Think about the effect you are trying to achieve, whether the effect will work with the specific image you are applying it to, and whether you need to worry about erasing the effect back off of the skin of your subject.

Thanks to Jodi from MCP Actions for allowing me to share this link.