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So, here comes round two of Fun Fact Friday… I hope these facts give you a little more insight into who I am and what I enjoy.

1. I really enjoy medical and biological/research ethics.  In college, I majored in Biology and Philosophy with an emphasis in Bioethics and I later went on to get my Masters in Bioethics.  How did I move from that into what I do know?  Well, there are very few bioethics jobs on the west coast and our family is here.  I did work in pharmaceuticals for awhile, and was able to bring some of my experience into play there, but the fun part of a little pharmaceutical company means that you are dependant on big pharma for funding, and we lost it.  I was laid off in the second round of three layoffs, interviewed a bunch while largely pregnant (and obviously did not get past round one of interviews for anything), and when Mattea was almost 6 months old, an opportunity came about at the company I am at now.  At the same time, I decided to finally pursue an actual photography career, something I had been thinking about for a few years in different aspects, but had never taken the steps to make it happen.

2. I love dance.  I love to dance to all types of music and in all forms of dance.  I love to watch others dance.  I love the feelings and emotions that can be evoked from and through dance.  Watch out for a personal project coming soon showcasing an idea I have regarding dancers :)

3. My second language is American Sign Language.

4. I coached Special Olympics Soccer for a few years and really miss it.  I miss the unconditional love that some of the kids (and adults) had for each other and for us coaches.  Watch for another project on the blog that incorporates my love of kids with special needs with my photography.

5. I am a water girl.  I love being by the water, in the water, and smelling the salty seawater.

So, it is time for everyone to start learning a little bit more about me.  As my clients, I will be trying to get to know you so we can get the best images, so it is only fair for you to get to know me, right?  Each Friday, I plan on listing five things about me… it could be what is going on in my life that week, basic info about me… anything that I think would be fun to share.

  1. The first fact is just a basic intro to my family… I have been married to my wonderful husband for three and a half years.  We have an adorable 17 month old named Mattea Grace who keeps us on our toes.
  2. Baby giggles and little toddler hugs are the best things in the world… they really brighten your day.
  3. Hockey makes me smile… tonight my parents and Brandon and I are taking Mattea to her first game.  It is a playoff game too, so it should be tons of fun!  Hopefully Mattea can handle being at a sporting event that long… 17 month olds do not want to sit still for long.
  4. I am so excited for the UW basketball team.  They are Pac-10 champs and made it through the first round of playoffs!  Go Huskies! (Can you tell I love sports?)
  5. I love the spring and am so happy that it is making an early appearance in Seattle… beautiful flowers started blooming in February, the sun has been shining, and we are supposed to have highs at almost 70 degrees on Saturday!

Since I feel the need to add a photo to my posts, here are a few from one of my favorite places… Washington Park.