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Near the end of August, I had a maternity session scheduled where we planned on taking the portraits in the last hour or two before sunset to take advantage of the golden light you often see in the late evening.  Unfortunately, the day we were supposed to have the session, the clouds were out and we were not getting much of that gorgeous light we originally wanted.  We thought about cancelling the session, but then decided to go with it and see what we could get.  I think Cammie thought I was a little crazy at first for still wanting to do the session, but I LOVE what we were able to get.

This session would have never happened without my ability to bring in a light to supplement the natural light. First, the cloudy skies gave a soft light, but created a much duller look than what we wanted. We also lost light a lot faster than we would have on a sunny day, because the clouds darkened the sky.  There are many photographers who use only natural light, and they do a great job, but I am so thankful I have added this technique to be able to provide amazing portraits, even when the natural light does not give the look we want.

maternity portrait on fence

family maternity portraits

maternity photography by barn

maternity portraits at sunset

Recently, I had a maternity session with Becka and her family where we could take advantage of the beautiful golden light that often appears about an hour or two before sunset.  The kids were adorable, and even wanted to help me with my reflector, which was having a hard time standing up in the tall grass at this location.  I am so glad we were able to use this little spot when we did, as I recently drove by and saw that everything had been mowed down and cut out of this lot.


maternity portrait in field with golden light


golden hour maternity portraits


family maternity portrait in field

A few weeks ago, I had my own maternity photos taken.  I was 36 weeks pregnant, and since I had a bunch of ideas I wanted to try, I decided to set up the lighting, the backdrop, and do all the posing, then set the camera settings for my mom so she could take the pictures.  She did a great job helping me get the pictures I envisioned and I love how these turned out.

Studio Maternity on Gray Background

Couple Studio Maternity